July 6, 2018
6 months and 25 days left
until our reunion.

Coronado High School Class of 1968 
Coronado, CA 
50th Year Reunion
July 6, 2018

Who's ready for a 50th Reunion??

We would like to welcome all graduates and honorary classmates from the class of 1968! 

At this time we are giving you a heads up on our 50th Class Reunion which will be here before we all know it!!  We have been lucky to prebook the Coronado Community Center Nautilus Room which is the same venue we celebrated our 45th!!  This is the old site of the Women's Club on the Strand.  It's now a beautiful venue with great views of the bay.  There is not a direct web site but if you Google Coronado Community Center you can see some pictures of the facility.  The date for the main event is July 6, 2018 and more information will be provided as we move along with plans. Be sure to check out the Photo Albums page - past reunions & many memories have been posted.  Also, please disregard some of the old 40th and 45th information on this site.  As we move forward with plans and events all this will be updated.....main thing at this time is to get the word out there & hopefully make this one of our best as its a big one!!  We also have a Facebook page:  Coronado High School Class of 1968 Islanders - hope to see you there as well!!


 We're glad you have found the Class of 1968 website and hope you pass this link along to anyone from the class. Please take the time to browse, look and add pictures, reminisce, get reacquainted with your classmates, and get comfortable - this site is for us!  We will be working very hard to find each and every one of you to make this a success


This site is completely different from classmates.com. The website was sponsored by members of our Class, and you don't have to pay to register. Please take the time to register on the Classmates of 1968  page so we can add you to the master email list and notify you once the details for the reunion are set and so your former classmates can hear from you and contact you directly. If you want to update your information but don't want to put yourself in the Classmates of 1968 section, please utilize the or Contact Us section to provide your information.


Everyone wants to know what you are up to. Please help us find fellow classmates from the Class of 1968 by passing along the link to our site.  We really need your help!


Please contact us if you have any questions or need help. Can't wait to see all of you on July 6th!!


The Reunion Committee


The reunion committe has one goal at this time and that is to find our fellow classmates of '68.......we have been sending email blasts to check for correct email addresses.  We have received quite a few replys but are missing so many.  If you did get an email from us please reply.  And if you did not receive an email or have any contact info on other classmates send that as well to this email address:   janet@hobie.com  Thanks and hope to hear from you!!
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